Doing something you don't want to is inefficient

We often hear the mantra that if you don't like doing something, pushing through the hardship will lead you to some reward. Not only is this a bad mantra, it is also bad for your morale and chances are it is not worth whatever reward you get at the end.

Instead, a better mantra is "Never do something you don't want to". This is because when you do something you want, this activity will feel 10x easier, leading to increased latency and throughput. If, at any point you no longer feel a desire to continue a task, take a break and work on something else that feels easy, and come back.

We must obviously qualify the statement above because at points in time, doing something you love will be challenging. This does not mean you must quit and find something else. Rather, you have to question yourself, do you find this enjoyable? If so, continue. In addition, in order to work on something you love, there has to be a fundamental level of skill to pursue these passions. As such, these tasks will require you to apply focus and effort no matter how little you enjoy it.